Friday, September 02, 2005

All of this hurricane business has me in a bit of a funk right now. I am imagining all of these people about to give birth like me, and yet with nowhere to go. No little cosy nursery to keep their babies safe. No water and food to nourish them. My thoughts are with everyone, but particularly those who are scared about having to look after a little baby, as I am, and are even more scared about where they are going to live.

I have managed to do a few things around the house over the last few weeks, mainly getting tradesmen quotes to finish off the renovation. Yeah, just because I dont talk about it here doesn't mean it is finished, or ever will be. Mr R is painting our bedroom, so we are sleeping in the lounge, and this will all hopefully be done before the imminent arrival. But then again the whole house could be destroyed by winds and floodwater, so it helps to have perspective.

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