Monday, August 15, 2005

The good news is that I have finally finished work, and am at home now, um, knitting and nesting and all those things expectant mothers are supposed to do. Or maybe I am lying on the couch watching trashy day time television and eating potato chips. Who knows?

That made it sound like there is bad news, which there is not, unless having to wait for six weeks to meet this little bugger counts. I am still feeling pretty good, and apart from a spectacular fall in the car park the other day (tripping over air as my mother would say) where I did a Magyver like roll to avoid squashing any baby - resulting in a bruised and bloody shin, am in good health. I have gotten a lot clumsier since being pregnant, and I constantly drop food on myself. Which is a problem when you are dealing with an already limited wardrobe.

Mr R returned from Fiji with what he reckons was a tummy bug, and I reckon was alcoholic poisoning. He also couldn't lift his arms above his head after wakeboarding every day - so has been a bit lacking in the foot massage department. It's much less enjoyable when the massager is groaning through the massage. But he brought me back perfume, so he was forgiven.

And congratulations to Rae and Tony and Phee on their new arrival this weekend - little Albert. With a name like that he is destined for greatness - here comes the King!

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