Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you know what could be causing the alarming paint bubbling on the ceiling in the nursery? It seems as if it has been infested with a strange bubbling alien life-force, waiting for a delcious little baby to eat up.
I made Mr R climb up into the dusty old roof, to make sure there were no leaks and wet areas that would lead to a baby being crushed by a plaster ceiling falling on it's head. All looked ok up there (apart from some alarmingly large spiders), so the mystery deepens.
He does seem to have it at bay at the moment, with much sanding and undercoating and re-patching and more undercoating so let's hope it stays that way, or the baby could be fast asleep and then choke on flecks of paint. Unlikely as that is (the sleeping - not the choking). Do you think I am going to be an over protective, over reactive mother? Not that I should really be worried about the nursery, because we have yet to buy anything to put in it. We had an ante-natal class this week, where the midwife insisted we should all have our bags for the hospital packed. Hmm, I fail that one. I am in a denial phase.

In other news, Mr R is off to Fiji in a couple of weeks, to visit a friend before the baby arrives, leaving me at home on my lonesome. I am of course milking this for all it is worth, resulting in foot massages and cups of tea on demand. So the reason he will be missed will be the lack of tea and foot massages, I am looking forward to having the whole bed to myself and my twenty seven pillows.

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