Thursday, June 02, 2005

This entry is all about providing indisputable proof that my husband and I are complete dorks. I say this is the week to embrace your dorkiness. Stand proud!
The evidence so far:
1. I have fallen for Sudoku, even to the extent of downloading extra puzzles from that web link. Last night Mr R and I had a race to solve the same puzzle, he won after I was rudely interrupted by a phone call from my mother. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - we know how to have a good time.
2. We saw the new star wars movie on the weekend, and Mr R was so excited he nearly squeezed my hand off during the opening theme music. He actually clapped at some points during the movie, and I got all embarrassed and told him to settle down. This is maybe not totally dorky - some people I know saw the movie twice on the first day of release...
3. The only pants that fit me now come somewhere up around my arm pits. Give me a couple of pens and a calculator and the look is complete. They are still a bit big to allow for the extra growing room, so I spend all day hitching them up, but I dont fit into any of my normal clothes. I feel as if people at work are going to get very sick of the same couple of pairs of pants everyday for the next 11 weeks. Not to mention how sick I am of them already.
Now we just need our little baby dork to come along to complete our dorky family. Names currently being considered - Irwin, Frank, Barbara, Freda.

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