Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm sure I've talked about my kooky sister before. It was my Mum's brithday recently, and we had a last minute decision to come to my place for dinner to celebrate. So I ring my sister.
Me: You know we are having dinner here tonight, and I haven't had time to get Mum a present. What should we get?
Her: I don't know!
Me: Maybe some purfume? A massage voucher? Some DVDs?
Her: Yeah, maybe. I am really busy today though and I won't have time to get anything.
Me: Ok, well I will try to get to the shops and find something, or she will have to wait until I am more organised. What is that noise in the background? Where are you?
Her: Oh, that was the public address system, I am at a shopping centre.
Me: A shopping centre.
Her: Yep.
Me: Like one where they sell all sorts of things we could give Mum for her birthday?
Her: Oh yeah. Good point.
We both laugh for about five minutes.
Ah, the gene pool this poor kid is drawing from is scary.

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