Friday, June 10, 2005

I feel like death warmed up today, after three hours sleep last night. It's kind of a long story involving overworked hospital emergency departments - and no, it wasn't me in an emergency situation. Mr R, who is quite fit and healthy, had some unusual chest pains a couple of days ago, and his doctor thought it would be best to have a full check up at the hospital. Unfortunatley he didn't have his doctors appt until 8pm last night, so he got to the hospital at about 9.30, and we left at 2.30am. Yep - 5 hours later, thankfully with a clean bill of health. I did make him go to the doctors so I guess I can't complain, better to be safe than sorry.

I nearly stole the gorgeous baby in the cubicle next to us, but then she coughed a horrible croupy cough and I changed my mind. I got a view of an old man's nether regions that nobody should have to see. My butt fell asleep on the hard chair, whilst Mr R, feeling perfectly fine, and not six months pregnant, dozed on the hospital stretcher. And the only form of entertainment was the TV tuned to "Big Brother up late and live and rude and are these the dumbest housemates ever?" Gah - that was torture in itself. I do know now however, that you can SMS a message to the late show that they then scroll across the bottom of the screen. So it's all things like "OMG I Luv BB! Show me more boobs!" or perhaps "Hi STCY, LUV U, U R as G8 as Christie xx", each at a cost of 55c. Channel 10 are making a fortune from this drivel. There was a good 10 -15 minutes of footage of two people kissing, when there were other people awake having actual conversations. Obviously the producers too are offended by the level of intelect in that house when it is preferrable to watch a game of tonsil hockey.

Blah, so the plan for the weekend is to catch up on missed sleep and then paint the nursery. And do some Sudoku of course - I told you we know how to have fun.

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