Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I am still recovering from my 30th on the weekend. It was just a casual get together at our place on Sunday afternoon, and it all went swimmingly, but the preparation really took it out of me. Must be getting old or something!

An update for those who are interested, we had our ultrasound last Thursday, and it was quite a thrill to see the little baby waving a kicking around in there. My next job is to try to get around to it and add the photo to Flickr (I am not very good at that). All looks good and my dates are confirmed - due 24th Sep. I didn't think I was concerned that it would not all be well, but I did get a feeling of relief when he said it was, so I must have been a bit worried. Mr R was pretty chuffed too - now he knows there really is a baby in there - although he has some concern of the due date being Grand Final day. Not that babies ever come on time, or that Collingwood will be anywhere near the Grand Final, so I think he can relax on that one! We didn't find out the sex, and our next step is to fight over baby names for boys and girls. I am struggling on both, this baby could end up being called baby forever.

Next post will contain nothing about babies or my birthday - I think I have over blogged both!

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