Thursday, April 21, 2005

I have had a lovely week, despite the fact that the very thing I have been dreading and complaining about here for the last year happened - yep I turned thirty. It did help that it was a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday and that I took the day off work because I am starting the new movement of it should be a legal requirement for employers to give you the day off on your birthday. Join if you want, it's free. Ok, I did have to take an annual leave day, so my movement requires some work, but you have to start somewhere.

We had a wonderful lunch in the sun, an afternoon lounging around at our inner city hotel pool, followed by the purchasing of my birthday present, and then a fantastc dinner at Ezard at Adelphi with my family. Pricy but wonderful - I highly recommend it.

Tonight I am off to see an MTC play, "Cruel and Tender" which I am hoping is not as long as the last one I saw (Cyrano De Bergerac - David Wenham was great but it was soooo looonnnggg) as I just don't have much staying power these days.

And I have the long weekend to look forward to, where we are laying a back yard of instant turf, and headng down to Phillip Island for a weekend away with some friends. Will need the extra day to catch up on some sleep, and to watch the shows that Mr R must tape for me tonight (Lost and the Amazing Race). I told him if he forgot he would be served with divorce papers, and no judge would grant him visiting rights to the baby once they found out he was irresposible enough to miss taping my favourite shows. I think that scared him enough to get it right!

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