Wednesday, March 16, 2005

When you get back from a hoilday that it takes approximately twenty seven minutes after returning to work to forget that you even had a holiday.

But it was a nice holiday, even if mostly now forgotten. It started with my best friends wedding, which luckily was not nearly as dramatic as the movie of the same name. Biggest disaster was the reception centre forgetting to put those guests whose surname begins with an "S" on the seating list. So there were all these confused looking "S" people wandering around hoping that they were actually invited to the wedding and had not crashed the party. It took me sometime to understand what the bride was on about when she hissed - "Oh my god, they have forgotten the esses!"

Then we spent a week or so camping, and please remind me when I say that I am going camping that whilst it is great if the weather is great, it can be terrible when the weather is terrible. But I took the time to restore my inner me, and am feeling all the better for that, whatever that means exactly.

A word of warning should you venture down that way, beware of hungry wombats invading tents whilst you are sleeping. Sure you think they are cute when they wander past your campsite, but trust me when I say they are not so cute at three in the morning when you need to bop them on the nose with your torch and then chase them away from your tent.

My four year wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, along with (gulp) my 30th birthday. I am considering a weekend at the Lake House in Daylesford to celebrate/commiserate (and to contrast my last holiday!). Plan is to eat great food and relax before I face the realities of life as a thirty-something. If anyone happens to have been there I would love your review - was it worth the rather exorbitant price tag?

With that rather boring catch up entry, I will try to resume normal update pattern here (ie not very often but at least I am unpredictable! You just never know when there will be anything new! It adds excitement.)

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