Thursday, March 24, 2005

Last night in the charcol chicken shop, there was a man in his pyjamas. Now I am certainly not against pyjama wearing in public, in my opinion pyjamas are the most comfortable thing I own, and wearing of them should be heartily encouraged. It is unusual to see a middle aged man in his pyjamas however, this is usually reserved for senile old men and little kids. This man had those pyjamas with the button fly, and was having some trouble with the button in this region. Thank goodness this did not result in full flashing of the crown jewels, BUT, it did allow me to draw the conclusion that he was not a blonde all over. Not a sight for the faint hearted or nauseous.

I know I have spent some here debating if my biological clock would suddenly burst into life and slap me around and announce that it was time to procreate. This hasnt happened - I still feel a sort of i-dont-know-if-i-am-ready to the whole kid thing - but perhaps this is a bit of a self protection mechanism. I read a few blogs of people suffering from infertility - and have always realisticly thought that this may affect me - who knows right? So an indifference means that if I did decide to give things a go, and then nothing happened, maybe I wouldnt be as dissapointed, and consumed with grief like many of these poor women (and men) are.

Well, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Yeah - baby saminoz due September. Ha, and you think you are suprised, you should have seen Mr R's face. I am having the first ultrasound at 18 weeks (now about 14), so am currently hoping that there is only one and that all is ok. Am getting excited, but also wary, maybe I'll stop worrying when we have a healthy baby in our arms. Or when it leaves home. Or probably never. Talk about a complete change of life - this could seriously lead to me wearing my pyjamas at the charcol chicken shop - will try to remember to keep myself nice....

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