Wednesday, February 09, 2005

There is currently a marketing slogan for the old golden arches "family restaurant" in Australia that says "I'm lovin it". Whatever - I am not about critiquing marketing slogans - well not today anyway.

So today, whilst embarking on a mildly embarrassing hobby of mine, perusing the death notices in our crappy daily paper* (I don't think I need to tell you which one), I come across a death notice for a crew member of aformentioned "family restaurant". All very sad of course, but there at the top of the notice is the world wide recognisable golden arches - and the current marketing slogan underneath.... "I'm lovin' it". Unbelieveable - talk about inappropriate.

* This hobby of mine then extends to the birth notices, where I have a good chuckle over the names people call their babies. Today's best? Probably Griffin, although Jamieson is kind of out there. Or the new little boy called - Anderson. Ha Ha. The best ones are when they take a perfectly fine name and then spell it "un-ewes-ually" (as Kath and Kim would say) - like Beeiancka or Darceey. People never cease to amaze me.


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