Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am in a bit of a funk at the moment, and my two week holiday (starting tomorrow!) could not come at a better time. I first have my best friend's wedding on Saturday, and will spend the rest of the time lounging around in the great outdoors - reading. Perhaps I'll stretch to a bush walk or two (we are heading down to Wilsons Prom), and a bit of body surfing if the weather permits.

Someone at work committed suicide earlier this week (literally at work), which is just horrible, and everyone is down in the dumps. I need to walk on sandy beaches and get some fresh air to restore my inner balance. I feel all wonky at the moment.

So, a story from my past holidays at the Prom to cheer me up. We were down there with some friends about 5 years ago, and Mr R decided that he wanted to walk up Mt Oberon whilst it was still dark, to watch the sunrise. This is something of a tradition amongst campers there. I was reluctant, a mountain in the dark? Was he mad? Our friends mysteriously bowed out. I dragged myself along to be nice, but I complained the whole way up. I couldn't see, what was the hurry, couldnt he just go ahead? I'll see him at the top, blah, blah, blah. So its a wonder that when we eventually got there that he carried out his plan to propose. It is truly a beautiful spot, the sun was peeping over the horizon, drowning us in it's warm glow, and we drank champagne. What a romantic.

Back from this little hiatus in mid-March.

PS Can I also take this moment to acknowledge the influence of Tequila Mockingbird for the last post - not that I realised it at the time. That's the problem with reading other blogs, you forget what you read where and how the idea popped into your head. And if you have been living under a rock and haven't read TM, do yourself a favour and go there now and read some good stuff instead of this drivel.

Friday, February 18, 2005

#312 on my list of pet peeves (and I won't bore you with the previous #311 right now)
WHY can't people use the word "through" anymore? Since WHEN did "thru" become an acceptable alternative? Grammar is going down the SMS hole.. gr8!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

In general, my husband is lovely. Last night he made me dinner and cleaned up and followed up with a cup of tea. He ran around the bedroom last night to catch the buzzing fly that was circling around. He spends every weekend painting or building or gardening.
You can see this is leading to a "but".

A couple of weekends ago, I was out for the day on a Hens Day. I get a phone call about lunchtime.
"Just wanted to let you know that I locked myself out of the house" he says
"So what window did you break?" I joke
"Um, well, one of the ones on the front door. And I havent had a chance to clean it up because I was late for tennis. So be careful not to step in any glass. And have a good day! I love you! Bye!"

So I now have a front door (which is supposed to be replaced soon, hence why he picked this particular window) patched up with a bit of paper, and a large piece of wood next to the door that he has not yet got around to putting in the gap. Not exactly high security - just as well there is nothing worth taking.

In other news, we went to a Day on the Green on Saturday, which was pretty good, but was somewhat ruined by the ONE AND A HALF HOURS we spent in the carpark trying to get out when the whole thing was over. 6,000 people. One exit. Middle of nowhere. Something should be done about that. The buzz you get from a concert wore off after 20 minutes or so, and I was very grumpy when we finally got out. But maybe I should just lighten up, and next time pack some supper to have in the car park before we leave. It can be very exhausting being angry.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

There is currently a marketing slogan for the old golden arches "family restaurant" in Australia that says "I'm lovin it". Whatever - I am not about critiquing marketing slogans - well not today anyway.

So today, whilst embarking on a mildly embarrassing hobby of mine, perusing the death notices in our crappy daily paper* (I don't think I need to tell you which one), I come across a death notice for a crew member of aformentioned "family restaurant". All very sad of course, but there at the top of the notice is the world wide recognisable golden arches - and the current marketing slogan underneath.... "I'm lovin' it". Unbelieveable - talk about inappropriate.

* This hobby of mine then extends to the birth notices, where I have a good chuckle over the names people call their babies. Today's best? Probably Griffin, although Jamieson is kind of out there. Or the new little boy called - Anderson. Ha Ha. The best ones are when they take a perfectly fine name and then spell it "un-ewes-ually" (as Kath and Kim would say) - like Beeiancka or Darceey. People never cease to amaze me.


Friday, February 04, 2005

It may have come across here that I would like to win something big. Mostly because that is a hell of a lot easier than working for my millions. This obsession is shared by many, you should see the number of search hits I get from people looking for ways to win tatslotto. For the last time - I do not know - otherwise I would not be writing this shitty website.

But I do wonder if you can waste your winning luck on small prizes and this may detract from my chances of winning the big one. Well, that and actually bothering to buy a ticket, but lets not dwell on minor details. All this is leading to the fact that last night I got a letter telling me I had won four crystal wine glasses. Which of course is great and everything, anything that holds wine is welcome in my house, but I hope this hasn't chipped away at my luck - that is still needed for the big one. Or I am going to have to work forever, and the way work is right now, that is not a great prospect.

Completely changing the subject, I am glad to have some ratings programming back on our TV screens. Yay for the Amazing race finally instigating the rule they should have had about five seasons ago, where you cant just always get your strongest team member to complete all the challenges. And yay for the biggest bunch of fighing whinging contestants ever. Although that horrible guy with the yellow top should be arrested for spousal abuse. This is the best reality show ever, despite Mr R's obsession with each challenge coming up where we have to instantly decide who is going to do a challenge, or which challenge we will do as if we are contestants in the race. Last night he insisted we do the down hill roller skiing, when I can't skate. We would had a great fight about that. But don't tell anyone, it's a little embarrassing. I heard that Mr and Mrs Survivor, Amber and Rob, had signed up for the next series - what I think they need are contestants from around the world. Throw some Aussies in there and a whinging Pom or two, that would be great television.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's little wonder Melbournians are obsessed with the weather.
Tuesday - 36 degrees
Wednesday - 13 degrees, and the most rain in one 24 hour period Melbourne has ever had.
I was sick with the flu yesterday, and spent all day snuggled in bed reading, dozing and listening to the drumming of the rain on the roof - very well timed sickie.
Today it took me ages to get to work, but my poor sister spent 4 hours in traffic. It is a nightmare out there.

So much stuff going on now I dont even know where to start. I enrolled in a Masters course because I am completely crazy, so there goes my life. Work is ridiculous, and I have been sick.
Been landscaping and painting at home, went to the tennis, attended two engagement parties and have been helping my friend organise her wedding. We have the hens day this weekend - I am looking forward to the winery tour so I can sleep on the bus. Where does the time go???


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