Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Yesterday I spent some time volunteering for WV in their call centre, raising funds for the Tsuanmi Appeal during the cricket. There is a sort of glow of self rightousness around volunteers, but aside from that, it was all for a good cause, and kind of fun in a way. It was pleasant to deal with people on the phone that were all helping - it made for friendly phone conversations - which I am sure is pretty much the opposite of what normal conversations in call centres are like. And my faith in the Australian people (despite the election result) is restored, some were just ringing up to say thankyou to the volunteers taking donations. One lady gave me a complete run down of the cricket match so far when she found out we couldn't see a TV where we were. A man told me that we was proud to be Australian and had spent the last of his pension on his $50 donation - but was going to eat baked beans all week and that he was sure that was better than what most of the survivors would be eating.

It took me back to my Uni days when I worked for telephone betting, and could complete a crossword with one hand and take bets with the other. Except there was nobody desperate to spend their last 50c on the quinella at Bendigo, and I wasn't abused once for missing the start of a race. Good on you Australia.


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