Friday, January 07, 2005

I don't think that I have ever talked about Mr R's sleeping habits here. But he is a very, well, boisterous sleeper. He thrashes about. He steals all the doona. He whacks me as his arms flail about. He creeps closer and closer to my side of the bed to the extent that I often have to push him back so I have enough room. But most of all, he talks. And talks. And talks. And yells.

Mostly, he talks about work.
"Not the pressure release valve!"
"No, I said the 10 tonne press".
"Have you decided on the jig?"

(bonus points for those who can guess what he does for a living - I have probably said that sometime here anyway, so it shows who is paying attention)

I am used to this now, and find it pretty funny really, I have had some great conversations with him whilst he is fast asleep. I have been on trips with friends where we share rooms and I find myself telling him to be quiet as soon as he starts talking, (which actually works - he does shut up if you ask him to) only to find in the morning that everyone was waiting to hear what he would say.

So anyway, last night, I was reading and he had gone to sleep. The usual restless sleep ensued, including one point where he knocked my book out my hands with a flailing arm. I thought he had actually fallen into a deep sleep until he flipped over, groaned and yelled:
"Fair suck of the sauce bottle!"

Indeed. I think that takes the cake. Particularly given I have never heard him ever say this when he is awake, and I am actually not at all sure what it means.


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