Monday, December 20, 2004

Ok, so the presents are all bought and wrapped.
Tree is up.
Fridge is full of Alcohol.
Just have to:
- cater for a 45 person BBQ with work (to be held again at a lawn bowling club - I am hoping to improve my technique from last year)
- decide on menu for Christmas Day and go shopping for the food
- clean house
- work full time up to Christmas Eve

Hmmm, perhaps I could do with a few more hours in the day.

Had a lovely weekend, including a scrumptious Saturday night dinner with friends in a Tatami room at Kenzan. We were a little loud, I'm not sure those rice paper screens that close off the room are any good for soundproofing. There was an unfortunate incident with a poor waiter and a tray of Asahi and Mr R's back, but given it was 35 degrees then who cares if you have beer spilt all over you? No harm done - the sushi there is worth any hardship.

I do plan to write about something worthwhile shortly. Soultion to world peace or something. But for now all I can think about is how many potatoes will I need for a potato salad to feed 45 people? Do you think that people will eat more than two sausages? Will people eat Avocado? Ahh, Christmas, it really makes you think about the important things in life.


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