Thursday, December 30, 2004

I seem to have an inability to comprehend disaster until days after the fact. The first couple of days are some sort of numb denial, until the shocking images of utter devestation finally sink in. The difference with this disaster and S11 is that there is no-one to blame. Nobody has the answers, only questions for all those thousands of people looking for their loved ones. My thoughts are with them. I am now in media blackout over the whole thing, I can't watch the news, or read the paper, it's just too sad. So what do we do? We donate what we can then we all get on with our lives and hold our loved ones close and note what is important in life.

So I have been holding my loved ones close and moving on, I hope you all have yours close too.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Ok, so the presents are all bought and wrapped.
Tree is up.
Fridge is full of Alcohol.
Just have to:
- cater for a 45 person BBQ with work (to be held again at a lawn bowling club - I am hoping to improve my technique from last year)
- decide on menu for Christmas Day and go shopping for the food
- clean house
- work full time up to Christmas Eve

Hmmm, perhaps I could do with a few more hours in the day.

Had a lovely weekend, including a scrumptious Saturday night dinner with friends in a Tatami room at Kenzan. We were a little loud, I'm not sure those rice paper screens that close off the room are any good for soundproofing. There was an unfortunate incident with a poor waiter and a tray of Asahi and Mr R's back, but given it was 35 degrees then who cares if you have beer spilt all over you? No harm done - the sushi there is worth any hardship.

I do plan to write about something worthwhile shortly. Soultion to world peace or something. But for now all I can think about is how many potatoes will I need for a potato salad to feed 45 people? Do you think that people will eat more than two sausages? Will people eat Avocado? Ahh, Christmas, it really makes you think about the important things in life.


Monday, December 06, 2004

It is still weeks until Christmas and I am already over it just a little. I think it was the psycho elves at Santa's Kingdom, but it may be the Christmas Carols playing over and over in every shop you walk in to, or the crazy Christmas shoppers clogging up the city. What used to be a simple task to pop down to the shops at lunchtime has become impossible. Bah Humbug.

We had Mr R's Christmas part on Saturday night, the highlight of which was the joke in my Christmas bon bon.
Q: What did one angle say to the other angle?

(I interrupt this joke to tell you that I thought I knew the answer to this one - the afficianado of bad Christmas bon bon jokes that I am - so here I am thinking "Ha, the old angle joke, my maths teacher used to love this one! The answer is - I'll meet you at the corner"

A: "Halo There"

Yeah, it had me baffled until I realised that the bloody joke had a spelling mistake. Whoever proof reads these jokes really needs a holiday. The truth probably is that there is some unfortunate typist in a Chinese factory trying to make up jokes in English - take a break little Chinese person - you need it.

The good news is that I have mostly finished my Christmas Shopping, except for Mr R. He is usually no problem to buy for as he never shops himself, but I am a little stumped this year. This could result in a mad panic on Christmas Eve, which will whittle away any Christmas Cheer I have left. Dear Santa, I'm looking for inspiration (and a big red scooter). Love Sarah


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