Friday, November 05, 2004

This morning I had a blind man come around to give me a quote. Mr R has done all the blind jokes, so don't bother, I'm talking about the blinds you put over windows. Lest you be misled by the fact we are getting blinds, the renovation is far from over, but there is no way we can get through summer with west facing windows, so hence the quotes.

Louie the blind man was probably the biggest name dropper I have ever met.
"These blinds we make - very good - lots of celebrities buy these blinds. You know Dave Hughes? Comedian? We do his blinds. Rex Hunt? Fishing man? Lots of blinds. We do all footballers, you like footballers? Beautiful blinds. We do Nissan. 300 blinds. Very big job. We do great job and for you - special price!"
Perhaps the celebrity endorsement works for some? Anyway, this guy talked alot, but also measured each window no less than 5 times, so I think he got the measurements right. Now to take out a second mortgage to cover the cost.

This meant I came into work late today, which was probably a good move traffic wise, given the hideous weather we are having at the moment. I did make that time honoured mistake of standing too close to a corner as I waited at the lights. The mistake being that when a taxi screamed around the corner through a huge puddle I was drenched from the knees down. So I squelched my way up Collins St and it took all of my strength to actually continue on to work and not just turn around and go home to snuggle under my doona with a good book.

I didn't win any money in my Cup Sweep that I ran at work, despite the accusations of cheating when I drew Elvstroem (one of the favorites). What is it with people that accuse you of cheating when you run sweeps, or footing tipping, or Survivor sweeps or whatever? They should all be grateful that someone is even bothering to run the sweep or competition, and shut the hell up. Besides, if I was cheating, wouldn't I have actually WON SOMETHING? Sheesh.

And finally on to my confession of the week, a potential new feature around here. It's sort of like real confession without the hail Marys and rosary beads or whatever it is you have to do in real confession. Confession without atonement. Feel free to confess all, it helps gets things off your chest. So, here we go.

I think I have a shoe problem. I mean, I know I have a shoe problem, and you might too if you have read an earlier entry about the large specimens my freaky genes have landed me with. The problem is that every visit to my shoe shop results in multiple shoe purchases just in case I ever need shoes like that, because shoes are very hard to get. Last weekend I bought some black shoes with like 10cm heels which is very very high for me. Given I am already tall, if I wear these I'll be like 6 foot 3, so it is possible they very rarely beworn. But yet I still bought them - just in case. (Don't tell Mr R)
Phew, that feels good. Is that why the world is full of Catholics?


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