Monday, November 29, 2004

On Friday, I summoned up all of my pre-christmas Christmas cheer, and took my nephew to see Santa. It was actually part of a big Santa's Kingdom exhibition thing, where alot of overly hyper three to five years olds were just about out hyper'd by overly dressed adults pretending to be elves and toy soldiers and snowmen. I should have known what I was in for when in line to get in, there was a Tin Soldier bellowing "Are you kids excited to see SANTA? Have you all been GOOD? See Soldier twinkletoes? She will collect your ticket and do a DANCE! Dance for us Captain Twinkletoes!" I think that after an hour or two of that, Captain Twinkletoes just may smash tin soldier in his little tin face.

Then we went in to see the big man himself, who was looking pretty good, I think he may have lost some age along the way. They have this bit nicely organised, with sectioned off little rooms each with their own man in red (maybe there was 10 or 20 rooms) so that each kid is led off to their own private room with Santa, hence they are all moved through pretty quickly. It did make me giggle when I kept thinking of all those Santa's on their lunch break, identically dressed, comparing stories of horror children. Nephew requested a big red scooter from Santa, and Santa said he'd see what he could do, whilst looking at me for some sort of confirmation. Having no idea, I just smiled and said that I was sure Santa would do his best. I have passed the wishes on to Santa's elves, so let's hope all is good on Christmas morning.

The rest of the exhibition was pretty good, and my nephew definately enjoyed it, especially the snowslide (real snow!!). I feel for the people that work there however, because by the time Christmas comes they will have probably met every snotty nosed kid in Melbourne and surrounds, and will have heard so many Christmas Carols their ears may bleed. You will feel especially sorry for the poor lady manning the Carol Karaoke stage, who will hear on my calculations, around 4,000 versions of Jingle Bells belted out by budding young Australian Idols. She'e better have good ear plugs. But all this fun and wide eyed excitement came at a whopping $40 per person, including adults, so it was certainly not cheap - just doing my duty as the indulgent Aunt.

The Summer that wasn't has arrived with a vengance these past few days, we had a fabulous family wedding (Mr R's little brother) on Saturday and I nearly melted into a puddle during the outside ceremony. But the bride looked beautiful and nobody fainted so all was good in the end. Little brother is also marrying a Sarah, which had caused much confusion amongst family members, but I think they have it sorted now. Maybe we could get a discount on name labels or something. Why the hell would I want name labels? There is definately something wrong with me. There was definately something wrong with me on Sunday morning when I had to drag myself out of bed early to visit my Dad who lives in the country. I slept upside down in bed on Saturday night, and the morning was not pretty - must have been something I ate, couldn't have been the eleventy glasses of white. Ah well, whats a wedding without the embarrassing drunk relatives?


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