Thursday, November 11, 2004

Last night my sister tricked me into seeing "The Notebook". I say tricked, because I knew nothing about it, and as a complete sucker for anything remotely sad, it took all of about 1/2 hour before I was crying, no tissues in hand as I was grossly underprepared. I usually try to avoid crying movies at the cinema, I prefer to see them curled up on the couch at home where no one can hear my wailing. This movie is also very quiet. Very very quiet. So my sniffs and sobs were rather obvious, but I did fit right in as just about everyone in the theatre was sniffing away. They really should give all crying movies very loud background soundtracks to drown out all the sobbing. Why are we all such suckers for what was in the end a predictible love story?

This has made me think of the great crying movies over the years. I believe it was ET that started me off, I saw this with my Mum and my sister at a drive-in, where the three of us cried and cried and cried so hard the windows all fogged up. (This is the explanation for why car windows fog up at the drive in). This got me addicted to all tear jerker movies. Love Story. Beaches. The Boy who could fly. My dog Skip. Old Yeller. That one where the little girl dies from bee stings. Now I cry in almost every movie where someone dies. I started crying about 5 minutes into Saving Private Ryan and didn't stop. The movie doesn't have to be good for me to cry, maybe I am also crying about how crap the movie is.

My crying is actually a bit out of control. Now I cry when I watch even slightly sentimental television shows, or even commericials. A couple of weeks ago 60 minutes had a story about a couple that adopted these adorable orphan kids from Africa, and found out at the last minute they also had an older sister who was too old to be adopted. I sobbed so hard I could barley see the television. I even cried on the plane when I flew to Port Douglas and was watching that Jennifer Gardner 'Suddenly 30' movie that was bascially complete crap. The reality is that there may never be an end to this crying fiasco, so the lesson I have learnt is to ALWAYS take tissues to the movies, and to only to see movies with very loud soundtracks. Let this be a lesson to you all.


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