Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On the weekend, we caught up with some friends for dinner when talk turned to Australian Idol. I was fine with the predictions on who will win, and even accepted that people liked mumbling-no-personality Casey, and didn't like Chanel who is (or was) by far my favourite, until one of my friends made an outrageous statement. Outrageous.

This friend is gay, in all ways, including a deep love of Princess Diana. But then he said...and I quote...
"I'd turn for Hayley". "I could drown in her eyes.."
I fell off my chair.
His boyfriend choked on his wine.
Our hostess screamed loudly.

What is it with Hayley? She is attractive, but not turn-your-back-on-your-preferred-sex attractive. Sheesh - I just do not understand it. So that must be who is voting for her each week, the misguided gay population of Australia, who really cannot be trusted to make such a decision. Boys, get a grip. She doesn't look anything like Princess Diana.

Last night I undertook step one in the process to upgrade my PC operating system so I can use my bloody iPod - installing a CD burner. Yeah, I live in the dark ages. Once Mr R and I worked out how to get the cover off the computer, it worked out ok, and I can now finish the promised CD for those I promised a CD to about 17 years ago. We can also burn copies of our needed files so we can start again with XP. I can only see this ending in disaster.


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