Friday, October 22, 2004

I don't think I have mentioned it here, but one of my best friends J recently got engaged. She has asked me to be her Maid of honour, which is of course an honour, so I suppose that makes it a suitable title then. (Don't point out that I am actually a "Matron" because all I can think of is that annoying Matron Sloane from "A Country Practice" - you cannot be under 60 and be a Matron).

Right, so tomorrow, as part of my bridesmaidy duties, I am scouring Melbourne for suitable reception venues. There are some pretty tight criteria (criterias? criteriaii?) in which to work.
1. It must be within 10 minutes drive of the CBD
2. It must hold about 160 people
3. The wine must be good
4. It must be suitably quirky and cool
5. There must be room for a dancefloor
6. It must not be too soppy wedding-like
7. Both sets of parents and me must give it the stamp of approval
8. It must be available before 2010

One thing that J is despairing over is how far in advance people book their weddings. Some places have bookings in like 2007. She'd kind of like it to just be over and done with, it shouldn't be that hard to pick a venue, send out some invitations, get a pretty dress and say "I do". But trying to get availability at these places is proving difficult. So this brings us to the questions of why are there so many people out there planning their wedding twenty-seven(nearly) years in advance? Do you think that there are new parents out there, who get home from the hospital with new baby girl, and ring schools to put them on the list, and then reserve a reception venue for 25 years time? Do they then call a funeral home to pre-pay?

Seriously, for all the places she has looked at, the first availabilty is in May next year, and that is getting a bit cold, so if you look at any dates from September 05 to March 06 there are very few to choose from. If anyone has any recommendations that meet the above criteria, J is all ears. She'd like to do this wedding before she has grey hair.

I was also just reading about the wonderful wedding that Nikki had last week in Queensland (if you don't read her site you should - she is hilarious). All this wedding talk is bringing back memories of my own wedding planning, where I swore that I would not get all caught up in the stupid things that brides get caught up in, and then I would find myself agonising over meaningless decisions like what colour ribbon to use on the ceremony programmes. Brides often need a good slap on the face to return them to reality.

So lets hope that J stays practical in this planning process, although she is having five bridesmaids so there is no doubt this is going to be bigger than, um, something really big. But it's ok, I have my face slapping technique down pat, which is my most important role as MAID of Honour.


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