Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Do you know that kids story about the mouse that wants a cookie? It is very cute, the basic premise is that you give the mouse one thing, and that means he wants another thing and so on and so on until it goes back to the start and he wants a cookie all over again. My three year old god daughter loves it, and can recite it word for word - you should hear the screams if you accidentally miss a page in reading it. YOU'D THINK IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

So, where was I? Ah yes, I was trying to demonstrate the path that I have found myself on recently where all roads lead to spending much money. On the weekend, I gave in to my burning desire and have purchased a mini ipod. Yay, I am excited! I wanted to be able to use it in the car, so added the car charger and radio transmitter thingo. Then I got it home, charged it up and sat down to read the instructions and realised that my old computer loaded with Windows 98 wasn't going to work with itunes. So now I need to upgrade. Which is when you start to think, well if I am going to upgrade, then maybe I should just get a new computer, those ones in the apple shop looked pretty good... surely the path to destruction. And bankruptcy. Ahem.

I have been a late convert to Australian Idol this year, and so far it has nearly caused the breakdown of my marriage. Mr R is a lovely lad, but lets just say that he is no singer. He can whistle ok though - keep up with the whistling! Anyway, the problem with watching Australian Idol with Mr R, is his tendency to sing along. It goes something like:

Me: Please don't sing when they are singing
Him: (singing) It's the power of love..
Me: I mean it, really.
Him: Don't need money, don't need fame..
Me: SHUT UP (yelled at around 3000 decibels)

Then he got all offended. I have told him he can sing all he likes during the many moments of talking in the show, just not while they are bloody well singing. But he really can't help himself, it's some sort of mutant karaoke gene. And it's driving me nuts.

In keeping with my television theme, my ridiculous obsession with (un)reality television has got to stop. I am only on the Idol singing show and not the behind the scenes etc, so that is not too bad. But couple that with Survivor Vanuatu and The Amazing Race and that adds up to many hours of fluff.
Mr R and I have an unhealthy obsession with short people/little people/dwarfs/whatever they would like to be known as. It's sort of embarrassing when I write it down, but even the word 'dwarf' cracks us up. So this season of the Amazing race, with little Darla, has created many moments of hilarity after only one episode in our household. At the beginning she was all "I can do anything that a tall person can!" and Mr R had me in stitches pointing out the things that she in fact would struggle with, "Except reach the top shelf of the fridge!" or "Except wear full length jeans!" We really know how to have a good time.

And in news of our never ending house renovation, we have started some garden landscaping, meaning we now have a garden of dirt. Our neighbours really love us, the bobcat started at 6.30am and we have filled the street with dust. Somehow I think we are slowly being crossed off everyone's Christmas card list. Especially the little people's.


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