Monday, October 11, 2004

Arrgh. I'm feeling all shitty and disappointed with my fellow Australians at the moment. I was going to keep this space election free, but fuck (and I use that word with emphasis) what is wrong with people? I fear that keeping quiet might somehow equate with being happy about this election result, so here is another rant to join the others in the blog world. I can only conclude that nobody who blogs voted for Johnny, or else I don't ready anybody's blog who votes for Johnny. Understandable I guess.

Are we really a nation that is so selfish and short sighted we care only for our own hip pockets? It makes me sad more than anything. JH has been planning this - his supposedly brilliant economic management has created a nation of money hungry assholes, who have borrowed against their paper gains from an over inflated propery market to buy more things. Things! WE ALL NEED THINGS! Our economy is going great! And then he has scared those same people into voting for him because as he tells us, Labor's goal is just to drive up interest rates, so all those mortgaged up people did exactly what he wanted them to do.

Never mind that he locks up little kids. Never mind that he lies. Never mind that his education policy favours the rich and not those schools with no "values". Never mind that he is as charismatic as a sock.

My little brother turned 18 on Saturday, but that one more vote did nothing. I despair. He did have a cool badge on - "More pools for private schools!".

Perhaps ironically in the want for things, my sister and I became the coolest older sisters in the world when we gave him an ipod. I know - you so want to be my brother. It is now only a matter of when I get time and I am going to the shop to buy one for myself. I have been denying myself for too long, and I don't have any older sisters that are likely to come to the party. I mean heh, at least now interest rates aren't going to go up! My mortgage is safe! Thanks JH!*

* This may not have come across with the correct level of sarcasm. JUST TO BE SURE -SARCASM IS VERY HIGH.


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