Friday, September 24, 2004

Well back to reality. I am now negative annual leave, and negative holiday fund bank balance. But the wedding was beautiful, held here, followed by a four course feast that included crayfish and the best chocolate souflee I have ever eaten. It was a lovely and intimate ceremony, there were only 18 people there, and I think nearly everyone was crying. The Sheraton is like some sort of parallel perfect looking universe, I spent most of the time wondering how all of the people swimming in the billion hectares of pools can afford $600 a room a night when they have so many kids.

It was wonderful to escape the dreary weather we have had in Melbourne lately, although I hear that we missed some lovely spring days. There were some of usual far north annoyances, a python that we nearly ran over, a run in with a gecko in the toilet, a frog outside our room, but thankfully no crocodiles or poisonous spiders.

Last night I caught the latest MTC play, a very entertaining show called "Dinner". Highly recommend it as I managed to sit through the whole thing without falling asleep, even though I had only four hours sleep on the previous two nights, always a strong measure for me of a good performance.

This weekend we are having a BBQ for AFL Grand Final day, not that I care who wins, which means I'd better go and vacuum or something. Although I think my friends are used to my rather half hearted attempts at house keeping. I'm hoping that one day a maid will show up and I will be able to kick back while she sweeps underneath my feet. Thats the same day that I will be able to afford to go to the Sheraton Mirage for a holiday, so I'm not holding my breath.

It is also a friends' suprise 30th birthday. I'm no good at suprises, so I have avoided talking to this friend for the past few weeks in case I inadvertently gave it away. She probably thinks I have forgotten her birthday, and am a horrible person, so I hope I am forgiven. I'm also hoping she doesn't die of shock.

And as if to prove that a watched pot never boils, I catch up on my blogs after a week of no internet to find my now not-so-new blog friend (who is still waiting for the promised Australian mix CD I promised her. Ahem.) is expecting bubby number two. How lovely, except she seems rather sick, which to me seems so unfair when you want to be happy but can only throw up alot. The things women have to endure. Congratulations and hope you feel better soon!!


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