Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A very strange thing happened to a friend of mine recently. About 9 months ago she had a baby, and had been a bit slack in writing thankyou notes for the gifts he was given when he was born. She had written out the notes, but then had forgotten to send them, and then it got to that point where it was embarrassing that she hadn't sent them and it was sort of too late. So she threw the notes away, most were not addressed, some only half written.

Then the other day she sees a friend of hers from her former work, who thanks her for the thankyou. "What thankyou?" she asks. "The one for the baby gift." It turns out that someone had somehow retrieved her thrown away thankyou note, added a stamp, posted it, AND written on the back of the envelope "Sorry this is so late".

Freaky huh? What sort of a mail posting do gooder would do this? There are some strange people in the world.

On to more normal things, next week is my lovely friends K & D's wedding. In Port Douglas. So despite having overspent out holiday budget and annual leave already this year, on Friday Mr R and I fly off to Queensland for weather that has to be a thousand times better than the horrible bleak Spring we are having in Melbourne. It was so cold on Saturday that my fingers turned blue. And today it is raining again, ruining plans for a stroll at lunchtime. This trip will be oh so hard for Mr R, who has only just made it safely back from Thailand (and survived all rides in taxis and tuk-tuks). It's a tough life for some!


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