Friday, September 03, 2004

On Wednesday night I met my Mum and my sister at the Impressionists exhibition at the gallery. 'Twas lovely, but would have been more so if EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MELBOURNE WASN'T THERE.

So if you live in Melbourne, I know where you were on Wednesday night, because the rooms were so full that you had to jostle through elbowing old ladies out of the way. There is no way that all 3 million or so people in Melbourne were not all there at once. I nearly got into an argument with an old dear who came and stood in front of me, because quite frankly my rule about old people not being allowed to go shopping on the weekends should also apply to them not attending galleries outside of office hours. But I held my tounge. Just stuck my foot out as she toddled past.

Then last night I caught the latest MTC play "Take me out", which had the promising warning of 'male nudity'. I got home after the play and said to Mr R, "Guess how many penises I saw today?" He didn't come close to guessing nine. The setting is a baseball club and they had some authentic change room and shower scenes, the scene where about 8 cast members were naked made it kind of hard to concentrate on the dialogue. But nakedness aside, it was a good play, perhaps still experiencing some early jitters as it only opened this week. If you are into AFL or any sport, you might appreciate some of the parallels to all sports and sport fans.

This weekend Mr R and I plan to fill a large bin with rubbish. Woo-hoo. And visit my friend who has recently given birth to a gorgeous baby boy, who was a bit prem so has been cooking for a bit longer in a humidicrib. Yay for little babies to cuddle and spoil. And I'll spend Fathers Day on Sunday with my father and father in law - still have no idea what to get them for presents.

In the depressing category, I came home on Wednesday night to the news that my Uncle (mentioned in previous post) had passed away. RIP Uncle Peter, you fought a hard fight. As a side note, just about everyone I know has an Uncle Peter. Obviously a popular name choice amongst the baby boomers. I hope your Uncle Peter is well.


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