Friday, September 24, 2004

Well back to reality. I am now negative annual leave, and negative holiday fund bank balance. But the wedding was beautiful, held here, followed by a four course feast that included crayfish and the best chocolate souflee I have ever eaten. It was a lovely and intimate ceremony, there were only 18 people there, and I think nearly everyone was crying. The Sheraton is like some sort of parallel perfect looking universe, I spent most of the time wondering how all of the people swimming in the billion hectares of pools can afford $600 a room a night when they have so many kids.

It was wonderful to escape the dreary weather we have had in Melbourne lately, although I hear that we missed some lovely spring days. There were some of usual far north annoyances, a python that we nearly ran over, a run in with a gecko in the toilet, a frog outside our room, but thankfully no crocodiles or poisonous spiders.

Last night I caught the latest MTC play, a very entertaining show called "Dinner". Highly recommend it as I managed to sit through the whole thing without falling asleep, even though I had only four hours sleep on the previous two nights, always a strong measure for me of a good performance.

This weekend we are having a BBQ for AFL Grand Final day, not that I care who wins, which means I'd better go and vacuum or something. Although I think my friends are used to my rather half hearted attempts at house keeping. I'm hoping that one day a maid will show up and I will be able to kick back while she sweeps underneath my feet. Thats the same day that I will be able to afford to go to the Sheraton Mirage for a holiday, so I'm not holding my breath.

It is also a friends' suprise 30th birthday. I'm no good at suprises, so I have avoided talking to this friend for the past few weeks in case I inadvertently gave it away. She probably thinks I have forgotten her birthday, and am a horrible person, so I hope I am forgiven. I'm also hoping she doesn't die of shock.

And as if to prove that a watched pot never boils, I catch up on my blogs after a week of no internet to find my now not-so-new blog friend (who is still waiting for the promised Australian mix CD I promised her. Ahem.) is expecting bubby number two. How lovely, except she seems rather sick, which to me seems so unfair when you want to be happy but can only throw up alot. The things women have to endure. Congratulations and hope you feel better soon!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A very strange thing happened to a friend of mine recently. About 9 months ago she had a baby, and had been a bit slack in writing thankyou notes for the gifts he was given when he was born. She had written out the notes, but then had forgotten to send them, and then it got to that point where it was embarrassing that she hadn't sent them and it was sort of too late. So she threw the notes away, most were not addressed, some only half written.

Then the other day she sees a friend of hers from her former work, who thanks her for the thankyou. "What thankyou?" she asks. "The one for the baby gift." It turns out that someone had somehow retrieved her thrown away thankyou note, added a stamp, posted it, AND written on the back of the envelope "Sorry this is so late".

Freaky huh? What sort of a mail posting do gooder would do this? There are some strange people in the world.

On to more normal things, next week is my lovely friends K & D's wedding. In Port Douglas. So despite having overspent out holiday budget and annual leave already this year, on Friday Mr R and I fly off to Queensland for weather that has to be a thousand times better than the horrible bleak Spring we are having in Melbourne. It was so cold on Saturday that my fingers turned blue. And today it is raining again, ruining plans for a stroll at lunchtime. This trip will be oh so hard for Mr R, who has only just made it safely back from Thailand (and survived all rides in taxis and tuk-tuks). It's a tough life for some!


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Last night in the pouring rain I drove Mr R to the airport for a business trip to Thailand. He could have caught a taxi, but the truth of the matter is that I'd rather him not be in a car with a crazy taxi driver in weather like that. Am I unreasonably protective? Maybe not because he is flying home on September 11, and that doesn't worry me, it's just the crazy taxi drivers that do.

For the next few days I plan to enjoy the quietness of living alone, whilst wondering about all the cool stuff Mr R will bring home. Fantasy will no doubt be better than reality as I know he is not all that good at shopping - when he came back from Japan last time amongst other things he managed to buy me Men's aftershave. But his heart is in the right place. I'm hoping for some Thailand specialities like bootleg DVDs that shake when the person filming them in the cinema laughs, crappy fake sunglasses and a little buddha. And for Mr R to survive all trips with taxi drivers, crazy or not.


Friday, September 03, 2004

On Wednesday night I met my Mum and my sister at the Impressionists exhibition at the gallery. 'Twas lovely, but would have been more so if EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MELBOURNE WASN'T THERE.

So if you live in Melbourne, I know where you were on Wednesday night, because the rooms were so full that you had to jostle through elbowing old ladies out of the way. There is no way that all 3 million or so people in Melbourne were not all there at once. I nearly got into an argument with an old dear who came and stood in front of me, because quite frankly my rule about old people not being allowed to go shopping on the weekends should also apply to them not attending galleries outside of office hours. But I held my tounge. Just stuck my foot out as she toddled past.

Then last night I caught the latest MTC play "Take me out", which had the promising warning of 'male nudity'. I got home after the play and said to Mr R, "Guess how many penises I saw today?" He didn't come close to guessing nine. The setting is a baseball club and they had some authentic change room and shower scenes, the scene where about 8 cast members were naked made it kind of hard to concentrate on the dialogue. But nakedness aside, it was a good play, perhaps still experiencing some early jitters as it only opened this week. If you are into AFL or any sport, you might appreciate some of the parallels to all sports and sport fans.

This weekend Mr R and I plan to fill a large bin with rubbish. Woo-hoo. And visit my friend who has recently given birth to a gorgeous baby boy, who was a bit prem so has been cooking for a bit longer in a humidicrib. Yay for little babies to cuddle and spoil. And I'll spend Fathers Day on Sunday with my father and father in law - still have no idea what to get them for presents.

In the depressing category, I came home on Wednesday night to the news that my Uncle (mentioned in previous post) had passed away. RIP Uncle Peter, you fought a hard fight. As a side note, just about everyone I know has an Uncle Peter. Obviously a popular name choice amongst the baby boomers. I hope your Uncle Peter is well.


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