Friday, August 20, 2004

Something really embarrassing happened to me the other day. I have waited a bit to tell the story until my shame had subsided. Usually the situation doesn't seem quite so bad after the moment.

Like when I was in grade 2, I was on a school trip to the local pool and we were all getting changed after swimming. I went out to ask the teacher something and then accidentally walked bank into the boys changerooms, where they were in states of undress . I was absolutely mortified. As a girl with only one sister, lets just say that I hadn't seen that many naked boys. And of course the boys all told on me and made as if I had done it on purpose, and I was such a goodie two-shoes, who never did anything wrong, that I cried. Even more embarrassing. Now it sounds like not that big a deal, but I became the girl that had seen all the boys naked and at the time I wasn't that comfortable with that sort of reputation. Now? Heh, it'd be cool to have the bad girl reputation.

So, back to the other day. This is embarrassing because it is basically just stupid, and as a complete snob, I abhor stupidity. And yet, as usual, I'm up there on my high horse and committing the same acts I in others. Yeah, yeah, pot calling the kettle blah blah.

This particular day I went to the petrol station to fill up. I drove up to the right side of a bowser, and then realised that the petrol cap was on the left side of the car. Now, I could have just stretched the pump hose, but I thought that instead I would move the car so that the cap was on the same side of the bowser. So I jumped back in, and drove forward around the bowser to the right, so that I was facing the way that I had driven in. I got out again and gave a dirty look to a man at the other bowser who appeared to be laughing at me. Then I realised that of course the bowser was still on the same side of the car and I still had the same predicament. How stupid is that? Moving your car and yet you are still on the wrong side! So I did what anybody does in such a situation, and pretended that of course I had meant to do that, I wanted my car to face that way and um, I like stretching the fuel hose as far as possible. And I filled up with petrol and hoped that nobody except the laughing Man had noticed. Which might of been ok until I went inside to pay and the attendant said to me,

"It's a bit confusing which side to drive in on, that's why we make the hoses so long. It happens all the time." And everyone in the shop looked at me and I went bright red and gave one of those sort of "ha!" type laughs. The ones that really mean, shut up asshole.


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