Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Last night Mr R and I were curled up on the couch watching Who wants to be a millionaire. On our holiday the airline had those back of the seat TVs and you could play WWTBAM and consequently Mr R thinks he is good at this game, because he got to the million dollar question. Mind you, he guessed his way to the million, and then he got it wrong. That's not the sort of risk you'd be taking in real life, but it's much more fun to live in a fantasy world. It was funny to play it on the plane, because other people in the seats around you would watch as you failed to reach the $1000 question. Rather embarrassing I would think, except I can't really say becasue of course that didn't happen to me. Ahem. I blame the UK version we were playing because any Australian that knows who the Earl of Shropshire is should have their head read.

So, back to last night, there we were watching this 20 year old guy in the hot seat. And he was a complete and utter dork. Dork. Dork. He made me cringe with his dorkiness, and then Eddie had a chat to his parents, who whilst were not the coolest people I had ever seen, were at least, well, average.

So this is my question - how do sort of normal parents produce such dorky offspring? Is this inherent from birth? This is yet another thing to worry about in the having kids condundrum - what if I get a dorky kid that honks when he laughs and has glasses too big for his face? Can you stop the dorkiness??

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