Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I think I have been a bit frivolous here lately. All talk of holidays and embarrassing moments. It's funny how when I choose what to write about, I only seem to choose the lighter things.
Maybe they are easier. Maybe I think they are more entertaining. Most likely I am lazy.

I was going to start this post talking about a weird google hit I had here, but that would be frivolous too. So it was "egg sake bluelight disco on friday" - yeah I don't know what that means either, but google it and I am number three. I could have analysed whether the curious googler meant egg sake, as in "for egg sake don't drop the birthday cake", or egg sake as in the Japanese alcoholic spirit drunk warm. But then neither version of 'sake' goes with the word 'egg' as far as I know, so my conclusion is that the random googler made a typo or can't spell. Or is just strange. Or maybe they got that translation from babel fish which certainly gives me some bizarre translations. A friend of mine has just moved to Amsterdam, and I translate my emails to her into Dutch so she can practice, and then back to English just coz it's funny. My original English statement of:

"(Mr R) is good - we are getting back into some renovating and pulled out the paint brushes on the weekend. The aim is to be finished completely by Christmas, but that is probably a bit unrealistic." was translated into Dutch and then back to English as:

"(Mr R) are well - we recover in some who withdrew and the painting brushes on the weekend renew. The aim is by kerstmis is concluded entirely, but that is probably an unrealistic beetje."

Ha. I could laugh all day at that. Unrealistic beetje! Much funnier than my original statement. "Sar" also came back as "baits" when translated back to English, so I guess that means "Sar" means 'smelly stuff you catch fish with' in Dutch. What a name my wonderful parents have landed me with.

Oh well, bugger it, there was another whole post on frivolous matters. I really do have a deeper side, I'm just too distracted by ridiculous things to show it.

I know - next time I write a post I'll write it, then run it through the translator and back. Should make it pretty funny, even if it is a serious topic for once.

PS. Whilst on silly topics, the template here is a little stuffed at the moment - serves me right for starting to play with it and then running out of time. I need a proper links blogroll bit because I manage to waste a lot of time reading some fabulous blogs that someone else may want to waste a lot of time reading too. Who knows what I have done. Will investigate one of these days. So if you are new here there are archives WAY DOWN THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. JUST KEEP SCROLLING DOWN.


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