Friday, August 27, 2004

I am a bit nervous because I have sort of made a new blog-acquaintance.

I have offered to send my new b-a a copy of a Ben Folds song that appears on my music live from "The Panel" CD, which as an Australian TV show she is likely not to have heard. This promise came about because as my new b-a says, she has a "fondness for Ben Folds which exceeds that of most things of that she is fond", and she is battling with an ovarian cyst at the moment, so I thought that might cheer her up, given that I'm sure the Panel CD is not a big seller in the States. So, I'm not nervous about sending my b-a the cd with the song, because heh, I know she likes Ben Folds. My problem is what to put on the rest of the CD, because being the lovely b-a that this person is, she has now offered to send me a special mix CD of her favourite songs and so I made the rash statement that I would fill up the rest of the CD with some cool Australian music. This is where we get to now and I realise that I'm not cool and have no idea about cool Australian music.
I mean, at one stage I probably thought I did, but that was me at Uni with nothing better to do.

It did briefly cross my mind that I could fill the CD with any old Australian music and tell her that it was cool and hip, because she wouldn't have heard it anyway, but there is no hope in passing off John Farnham as cool. And then that would be mis-representing the really great music that we do have in Australia. So this weekend my mission is to go right through my CD collection and then raid the CD collection of my sister and hopefully come up with something that is representative of all our little country can offer. I feel a bit like I have the reputation of Australian music on my shoulders. Oh the pressure!!!! (Suggestions are welcome).


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