Friday, June 04, 2004

I have been thinking a bit about dentists lately. This is probably becuase I have been visiting my dentist every couple of weeks for the last couple of months, but who knows, perhaps I would have still been thinking about dentists even if I hadn't actually visited a dentist. Unlikely of couse, but given I could actually be thinking about anything then it is possible I would have been thinking about dentists. Or what to have for lunch. Anyone's guess really.

In my thinking about dentists, I have been thinking that the worst bit about going to the dentist is the sound of the drill. These days it doesn't really hurt, and my dentist has a funky little lcd screen where you can watch a DVD to take your mind off things, but it's kind of hard to relax and enjoy Bridget Jones with the sound of the drill interrupting things. This is where the good bit comes after all this thinking - I have decided that dentist's drills just need to sound different. Why do they have to make that horrible high pitched whining noise? Why can't they play music, or a drum beat, or have something like the polyphonic ring tones with maybe a cow mooing? Mr R (ever the engineer) tried to tell me something about small parts and noise energy and blah blah, but by George, if we can put a man on the moon...

(As an aside, I love the whole "If we can put a man on the moon" argument for why society should have been able to fix some sort of problem. It is completely irrelevant, makes no sense and therefore I like it)

So don't go stealing my idea out there. I think I may make a few million out of it when someone else does all the hard work of actually inventing it, whilst I sit back and enjoy the patenting fees or something. I'm a bit of a novice at this, having never actually invented anything before, but you know - I think that's how these things work.

This reminds me of this hilarious competition that is run at the workplace of my beloved, where they need to come up with a new invention. It can be anything, and you dont actually have to invent it, just come up with the idea. Then if you win you are given some cash to develop the idea further, and if it is viable they have a further competition with all of the sister companies around the world for the best invention and they make the product. Mr R drives me crazy each year trying to think of a good invention - this year he suprisingly had no success with the "arranged flower water changing system". I think thats because it was basically a pump. And the name needed a little work. Back to the invention drawing board - he really should listen to me.

I have never been more glad that it is Friday, I have worked about 70 hours this week (and I wish that was an exaggeration). This weekend we are helping some friends move house, and trying to get everything ready for Sth America, because we leave in 14 days, I still dont have most of the clothes I need and my Spanish has been suffering from all the work I've been doing. If anyone finds a way to extract an extra couple of hours from the day that does not involve losing sleep, I'm all ears..


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