Monday, May 31, 2004

Sometimes I look at large groups of school children on the train, and I cringe. They are so unaware of anyone outside their little world. They yell and scream and laugh and leave their bags on the seats and have their walkmans on too loud and hang out of the door when you want to get on or off. They are downright annoying.

And then other times I listen to their stories about who kissed who, or what happened on the Bachelor, or the agonising over what to wear to so and so's party and I admire the simplicity of their worries. At times it is all I can do to keep from laughing out loud.

Sometimes you want to butt in to their conversation and tell them that although it may seem like the end of the world that Adrian kissed Erin when you were so sure it was you that he liked, it is really only a drop in the ocean, and the likelyhood is they will really get their heart broken one day.

And then other times their chatterings make you smile and you remember how the agonising conversations on the train were such a great part of growing up.

Overheard conversation this week:
Girl 1: I told him that he shouldn't get this train anymore, because it is really hard to see him all the time.
Girl 2: So what did he say?
Girl 1: He said he'd do what he liked.
Girl 2: So do you think he will be here? (as we pull into a station)
Girl 1: I'm not talking to him if he is. Oh my god, he is. And he is getting on this carriage.
Girl 2: Just pretend you havent seen him.
Girl 1: (Fixes hair, looks up, smiles) Hi Matt!
Matt: (Grunts, sort of nods, mostly ignores her and ambles down to the other end of the carriage.)
Girl 1: Do you think he still likes me?
Girl 2: Ummm

Ah - to be a teenager again.

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