Monday, May 17, 2004




So whilst I may have made the distance on my mega walk on the weekend, I now am paying the price as I hobble around and I can't walk up a step without the word "Ow" escaping from my lips.

We were amazingly lucky on Saturday with the weather, which can only be described as perfect. We walked the 19 or so km's that day in about 6hrs, and the last 500m or so up to the lighthouse nearly bloody well killed me. It is a steep concrete path, probably at an angle of about 30 degrees, it was only the thought of a shower and a cup of tea at the top that got me up it.

The cottage we stayed in was gorgeous, recently refurbished by means of flying all materials and fittings in by helicopter. On Saturday night I wanted to be flown out by helicopter. The views were spectcular, and we got a tour of the lighthouse (which was another 62 stairs to climb and every one hurt!)by the Parks Victoria bloke who lives out there with his wife. What a life. And what a view.

Sunday morning we were treated to torrential rain and wind gusts that made the prospect of walking the long way - 22.5kms - home even worse. But we were stupid enough to take that path and seven hours, five leeches and much chocolate later we straggled up the path to the car. I have discovered that the tortise doesn't always win the race.

I think I'd describe it as a once in a lifetime experience, because I'm not sure I will have the energy to do it ever again!


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