Friday, May 07, 2004

Mr R is heading off to Japan on the weekend for a business trip. So while I might miss him, it will be for a max of about 10 seconds, because I love having the house to myself. Love it. Love it. Love it.

I can have cheese on toast for dinner, and play my CDs really loudly and, um, leave my towels on the floor. Oh wait, I do that anyway. At least I wont have to watch the footy (I only like watching my team – good win on the weekend boys!), but I might get cold at night, the nights have been rather chilly of late. Maybe I will miss him sometimes.

Now I have to decide what I want him to bring me back form Japan as my present for the fact that he gets to go away and I don’t. I initially wanted one of those beautiful kimonos, because I though that would look stunning hanging on a wall (or on me), but he tells me the hand made ones are about $2000, so maybe that isn’t such a good idea. I am now pushing for an Ipod, but I’d settle for an mp3 player for the convenience of their size. Would keep me company on the train. What other good things do they have in Japan? His past trips have yielded me some fabulous origami paper, and I now list origami as a hobby. Mind you, the instruction book I have is in Japanese, so things don’t always turn out as they should. Especially when my Niece thought that my crane was a bear.

The other exciting thing happening around me is that my little Sis has returned from her two-year stay in New Zealand, and will be moving in to one of our spare rooms. I wonder if we will regress to the days of our youth, where we spent much of the day arguing. Over the very important issues such as who washes the dishes and who dries the dishes. And if she could borrow my new jeans. And who gets to choose what we watch on TV. And if I looked at her.

Sis: Muuuum. Sarah’s looking at me! Make her stop!

Mum: Sarah, stop looking at your sister.

Me: I’m not looking at her, I am looking out the window! Tell her to not be such a pain!

Sis: I am not a pain, and you are looking at me. Stop it!

You get the idea. Lucky Mr R, who may now be known as the adjudicator.


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