Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, I hope you all had a lovely day on the weekend. My sister and I took my Mum out for Breakfast, which was a hell of a lot easier than actually cooking anything ourselves. It was pretty funny with all the Mums at the cafe we were at opening up their presents at their tables, and having to blatently lie about how great the presents were.

There was a Mum at the table next to us that did an excellent job gushing over her new slippers - which were particularly hideous purple fluffy things with claws, like monster's feet. The girl giving the slippers was obviously very impressed with the greatness of her gift, she kept saying, "I knew you'd like them!".

Mr R has been sent off to Japan with instructions to get me something cool funky and very Japanese, thanks for your suggestions. I spoke to him last night and he tells me that Japanese stores rarely stock mp3 players anymore - so behind am I with the advent of technology. I think asking for an mp3 was almost as bad as asking for a record player. I have decided that I need a technology savy robot to weigh up all the new things on the market and then decide if I would like or need the latest inventions. Now that would be a good invention.

This weekend I am off to Wilson's Prom to do the walk to the lighthouse (about 18km each way) with my family and some friends that are also coming to Sth America with us. Mr R is conveniently out of the country which is a problem as I usually rely on him to push me the last couple km's on long walks. And this was his bloody idea. We are staying overnight in a cottage next to the lighthouse, which should be pretty cool, and means I only have to carry food, water and my sleeping bag. Although it would have been fun to stay in the actual lighthouse in a little round room! I am somewhat worried about the weather (as a long time Prom camper, I know it is notoriuosly unreliable down there) and I am very worried about being able to walk back on Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled to the news for stories on dramatic helicopter rescues. This trip was planned as preparation for the Inca trail, which isnt as far but is at high altitude, so if I dont make this I will be thankful for the train that also goes to Machu Picchu.

Also, my apologies to anyone who is way more Internet savvy than me, and has had trouble viewing this in Mozilla (and I thought that was Godzilla's girlfriend). So there are actual alternatives to Explorer! Suzette and Ben have discovered I was using illegal apostrophes - so I am hoping not be arrested. Thanks for the tip guys!


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