Tuesday, April 20, 2004

There is a rumour going around that yesterday was my birthday. Can’t confirm if that is true or false, particularly as the rumour also has my age as officially in the last year of my twenties. Gulp. That’s a horrible thought.

I remember when I was about 15 and reading “Cleo” in the school yard and they had one of those lists with a heading like: “30 things to do before you are 30”.

I read that list and thought that 30 was so far away and I had plenty of time to do all the things, even if there were some things that I would never do like skydiving (I am way too chicken to ever do that), and then ridiculous things like kissing your one true love in the rain in Paris dressed in designer clothes (I had my true love with me in Paris, so there was some kissing, but it wasn’t raining and there was nothing designer about my backpacking outfits). At the time I probably also thought that it was a good idea to live by lists published in Cleo, and funnily enough now I am not so sure about that, but I’m sure Mr R would like if I used the 50 ways to please your lover type lists. Or maybe something like 20 things to drive him wild.

So now I have only one year left to do the rest of the things on that list, and although I cant remember what the rest of the things were, I think it means I have one more year until I am officially old. Oh dear.


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