Thursday, April 22, 2004

Last night we had our first “Spanish for Travellers to Latin America class” at the CAE. I’m sure I’ve probably crapped on before about how generally bad I am at languages, but thankfully there were a few people in the class who seemed to be, well worse.

Not wanting to name names or anything, but perhaps my husband might fall into this category, as he couldn’t actually get past the spell-out-your-name-using-the-Spanish-alphabet bit. I think the purpose of this exercise was to prepare you for the airport officials and tour operators and random people that run up to you in the street and ask you to spell out your name, but also so that the charming and funny Maria-Luisa knew everyone’s name. So for the record his name does not end in an “i”, but an “e”, so let’s hope that goes better when we are away. Anyway, last night was surprisingly fun so we will see how that progresses.

In other news, my good friend Chloe is now a super star as you may remember that she is starring in ‘The Producers’. The show is in the middle of an absolute publicity deluge and is a big hit so far; she has had the most fantastic reviews. I am cutting photos of her out of the paper every day.

So we went along to the show on the weekend, and yes it is incredibly politically incorrect, but Mel Brooks can really make you laugh (watch for the Hitler hailing pigeons). I thought Chloe was brilliant as Ulla, but maybe I am biased, so if anyone else happens to see it then let me know what you think. One thing that was amazing was the general feeling of the crowd when the undisputed King of morning television appeared on stage, one Mr Bert Newton. The crowd actually cheered and clapped him before he had even spoken a line. It was kind of strange really, but you can’t deny his popularity.

I felt like a groupie as we waited to meet her after the show at stage door, and she only had literally one second before she had to go running off to the logies. I’m not sure that have really ‘made it’ when you get an invite to the logies, I’ll be really impressed when she makes it to the Academy Awards. If you sat through the excruciating telecast, she’s the one that did the Swedish accent on the red carpet.


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