Thursday, April 01, 2004

I could have started today’s entry with an outlandish lie, just because it’s April fools. But in all honesty, and I know its all supposed to be a joke, I find the whole April fool thing a bit mean. You are just trying to get people to look stupid and then laugh at them. I have enough instances when I look stupid and people laugh at me without dedicating a whole day to it.

Today’s media is full of examples; like the article in the city weekly about free goodies should you roll into Myer and David Jones completely naked. Or the ad in the Herald Sun for cherry flavoured vegemite.

Mr R fell for one this morning when the radio morning news announced that Athens was so unprepared for the Olympic swimming that it was going back to Sydney. This was one of those perfectly aimed tricks, as it’s the kind of thing people want to believe so don’t question the validity of the decision. It appealed to the sense of pride bursting out of a lot of Aussies when it comes to sport and how great we were at hosting the Olympics. From the day the Sydney games closed there has been rampant smug speculation in Australia, fuelled by the media, that Athens were not up to the job and it would all have to come back here. The news programmers can hardly keep the smirk off their faces when they announce something like the roof will not be ready on the swimming stadium, oh those disorganised Greeks! It never ceases to amaze me how smug people can be, even as a whole nation. It’s like saying that you are so special that you did something so brilliantly that nobody else in the world could possibly replicate it. Get down off your high horses and back to reality people.

I also feel for my poor brother in law who has his birthday today, and when he explains that, everyone thinks he is joking. Happy Birthday you poor April Fool.


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