Wednesday, April 28, 2004


So tonight is my second Spanish class, and already I am the worst student because I haven’t done my homework. I was supposed to learn the numbers, but I keep thinking of the Italian numbers so I am all confused. At this rate it will be a bloody miracle if I can talk to anyone on my Sth America trip and then they understand me and I actually get what I want.

My problem is compounded by Mr R, who is squeezing in a business trip to Japan before we go away, so he is trying to brush up on his basic Japanese. The other night he was in one room chanting Japanese words, whilst I was in the lounge trying to, and what I should say here is learn my Spanish numbers, but the reality is watch some crap TV show (and I’m sure it was crap cause that seems to be all that’s on these days). So now all I can do is mix up my Spanish numbers with Italian ones, with Japanese floating around my head. How do people that speak 5 languages do it?

From now on I have decided to only refer to numbers in Spanish, which may confuse my work colleagues, and people at the shops, but will possibly help me on my quest to speak more than one bloody language.

Adios! Dos cerveza per favour!


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