Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I am sure that last year the shops were open on Easter Sunday. This proved to be my downfall of the Easter weekend.

I remember that of course they are closed on Good Friday, so I had my good Friday all planned out.
Wake up for a minute at 6.30am when poor Mr R had to leave for work. Roll over and sleep til 10 or so. Catch up on my crap TV shows from during the week. Go for a walk to kid myself that I actually did something for the day. Watch a couple of DVDs. Have salmon on toast for lunch and cook a nice fish dinner. NO PROBLEM.

Easter Saturday the shops are of course all open. I wake up again for a minute at 6.30am when poor Mr R has to go to work. I sleep for a bit longer and then I get up and I go and buy a couple of birthday presents for family and friends. I debate over which perfume to get for my mother in law, and decide on Estee Lauder infinity, mostly because it is gift time at Myer and she gets lots of other stuff as well. I head over to sunny Williamstown with a friend to take my parents’ big boofy golden retriever for a walk as they are away over Easter. We have a lovely walk, the dog gets exhausted. Mr R and I go out for a relaxing dinner that night. All up a pretty good day.

Ah – then we get to Sunday. The plan was to wake up early, compose menu and then shopping list for 8 person dinner party planned for that evening. Then get in car and drive to shops, buy food for said dinner party. Go home and spend a bit of time on preparation so that I can head off to the footy in the afternoon.

Insert noise that they make on wheel of fortune when your letter isn’t there. “Buzzzzzzzzzzzz”

So yeah, the shops are shut on Easter Sunday. All of them. Everywhere. Except, in holiday areas, so in order to buy food I would have to drive to Torquay. I despair. I moan. I go to seven eleven and buy eggs and cream to make last minute pavlova – at least I have dessert covered. I go home and survey pantry and freezer. I can probably scrape together a risotto, or lasagne, but neither are inspiring me. I decide on Thai takeaway, and that leaves me all afternoon for attending footy.

Then I get a phone call for a last minute baby sitting emergency, which dashes all hope of football games.

So there went Easter Sunday. But maybe that was all a blessing in disguise. We lost the footy anyway, and it was by far the easiest dinner party I have ever had!


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