Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today on the train into work I saw a girl who attends my old school. It was all I could do to stop myself from blurting out this fact, seeing the uniform really stirred up old nostalgic memories.

Which reminded me of one day when in school uniform I was accosted by a deranged woman on the train who squealed with delight when she saw my uniform

“Oh wow, I used to go to your school! I loved that school, it was the best time of my life. You really must be just having the best time of your life. Oh I am so jealous, Oh I’d love to be back at school, Oh you are so lucky!”

Really, she nearly knocked me off my seat with her enthusiasm. At the time I thought she was a raving lunatic, particularly when we got to Flinders St Station and she still wouldn’t leave me alone and was asking after teachers and the principal and followed me half way down St Kilda Rd wheeling an old bike that she kept slamming into my leg in her deluded raving monologue. She almost hugged me when she finally let me get away, and told me that she couldn’t wait to have a daughter to send to the school. I was just thinking that I hoped the school wouldn’t make me as demented as she was.

So after my encounter today I can kind of see where she was coming from. I wanted to grab that girl, with the bored look on her face, staring out of the train window, and tell her to appreciate what she has. How great it really is to be at school, that I was jealous. But she wouldn’t have believed me, just like I didn’t believe my crazy mentor, and I don’t think I’m old enough to be the crazy lady yet.


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