Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So it turns out that I was having breakfast in the same place that a fellow blogger was getting coffee and we didn’t know. My close encounter with Rae on the weekend has made me think about all those movies that have that same concept, with situations where the people either just miss each other, like Serendipity (I know its mushy, but John is cool), or An Affair to Remember or alternatively meet but don’t know who is who, ala You’ve got Mail.

I wonder how often this happens? It’s not like you would actually find out that often, so it possibly happens all the time. Maybe you shared a see-saw with your husband as kids in a playground. Maybe you sat next to your future boss on a tram. Maybe you once kissed your workmates’ husband at a blue light disco. I have now found myself looking at people differently in chance encounters, because they might actually be part of your life, or one day will be part of your life, and you don’t even know it. It’s a good reason to be nice to people really, smile at that stranger walking past, they might be me.


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