Friday, March 19, 2004

Once my house got to an almost renovated state (it is far from finished, and I think that most probably it will always be that way!), and I had my shiny new kitchen, I was at a complete loss for what to cook. I would look at the kitchen ,and ingredients in the fridge and huge walk in pantry and declare that we had nothing to eat. All those months of toasted sandwiches and Thai takeaway as we lived with no kitchen, left me with no imagination.

Normally, I love cooking. Sorry to say that I am one of those annoying people that can improvise with ingredients at hand and no recipe, and usually come up with something reasonably edible. People ask me for a recipe for something I’ve made and I’ll say things like, take a handful of something green that goes with eggs, and then add a bit of paprika. And yet here I was, with my new oven and mountains of bench space and I was just so, uninspired. I think I was scared to cook again, particularly because (as I think I may have mentioned here) I was definitely scared of my new oven. It was downright depressing.

But I am more than happy to report that I think the tide has turned. Last night I managed a roast pumpkin and fetta risotto, when I thought I had nothing, and on the weekend we did a Sunday lunch for about 20 of Mr R’s family. Phew. Thought I’d be eating toasted cheese sandwiches forever!


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