Thursday, March 25, 2004

Last night was The Comedy Festival Gala. As you can imagine, it was a veritable b-grade celebrity spotting fest, particularly as it was sponsored by Ch 10. So we started a little competition, where you got a dollar for every celebrity spotted. Nothing like a dollar to motivate.

So anyways, most of the conversations then went something like:

Me: Look, there, that guy in the pink shirt, he does the sport or something on Ch 10.

Friend: Which one? Nah, he’s a nobody. What does he do? I’ve never seen him before

Me: Look closer, it is so the guy that does something that I cant remember what it is. I know, I think it’s the weather. You have no idea when it comes to celebrity spotting. I’m not going to play anymore if you just shoot me down.

Friend: (looks again) Oh yeah maybe the weather. (turns to her husband) Is that the weather guy from Channel 10?

Him: Yeah, Mike Larkin. Sarah wins.

Friend: Hmmph.

Me: And looks where he is sitting, (about 5 rows from the back) he must be pissed off about that.

2 minutes later

Friend: There’s Rove and Belinda, two dollars for me.

Me: No way is that two dollars, they are joined at the hip, that only counts as one. And they are so little that they only make up one person anyway. I’ll grant you one dollar.

Friend : Tough crowd.

2 minutes later

Me: There’s Brian Nankervis.

Friend: Who?

Me: You know, Raymond J Bartholemew! Let the Blood run free! I swear you do not know enough b-grade celebrities to play this game with. I’m gonna have to find a new friend.

Her husband: Sarah’s right. Might have to find a new wife too.


Me: Oh, that’s the other guy from Rove. What’s his name? Peter someone. Hill? Hell? Whatever – I get another dollar.

Her: If you don’t know their name it doesn’t count. It’s Hillier, so I get the dollar.

Me – sulks


Me: I was sure there’d be some Neighbours starlet here! Where the hell is Steph. Or Bouncer.

Friend: I’m sorry to break this to you, but I think Bouncer might be dead.

And then

Mr R: (comes back from important beer buying expedition in foyer) I saw Rove and that girl who had cancer. I get two dollars.

Me: You’re a bit late honey.

So we had a good night. I had to hold hands with the sweaty guy next to me (the one that wasn’t my husband) in the crowd warm up bit, as we pulsed the love through the room through a series of hand squeezes (don’t ask). Perhaps that is a common TV crowd warming up technique? Actually, he was a great seat mate for a comedy night, cause he laughed very hard and loud so nobody noticed my silly laugh.

It was a funny night, you always feel good after a nice hearty laugh. I thoroughly recommend fitting in a show over the next few weeks if you can.


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