Friday, March 26, 2004

In a couple of weeks it is my three year wedding anniversary. Yeah, who woulda thunk that Mr R wouldn’t get sick of me by now?

So I have been looking around for some good ideas for anniversary presents, and off I went to look at the traditional gift list , yunno, for some inspiration. So go on, have a guess what the third anniversary traditional gift is? (If you have already checked out that link then your guess doesn’t count).

Give up? It’s leather. The modern gift however, is crystal, and if it comes down do a sexy gimp outfit and a crystal decanter, I know which one Mr R would pick every time.

So this has got me wondering just who decides this stuff. Particularly when they made the change from Traditional to Modern gifts. Is there a committee of gift givers that votes? Did someone say “Golly gosh, I really think the seventh anniversary traditional gift of wool or copper is getting a bit behind the times! Lets update it, I know, lets go for wood!”. And desk sets? Who the hell has a desk set? Some changes are good (like changing from tin to diamond jewellery), and I guess ‘appliances’ is practical for the fourth anniversary or that may be overstating the life of appliances given to you for your wedding!

So looking at the supposedly modern list, I think it’s time for a new modern list. Something that includes improvements to technology over the last, say 50 years. An ipod would be good. Digital camera. DVDs. Cars. Weekend of relaxing spa treatments. Overseas holiday.

Actually, when you think about it, this is a marketing person’s dream! Just invent a new must have wedding anniversary gist list, all modernised and jazzed up, and fill it chock full of whatever products you are trying to sell. Maybe that’s what happened in the first modernisation, a warehouse full of desk sets.


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