Monday, March 01, 2004

I have finally made an attempt to get organised with my life and made an appointment to see a tax accountant tomorrow, to do last years’ tax return. I had been a bit ashamed of this fact, so I had been keeping very quiet in admitting that I was so far past the end of October deadline. I mean, I am the original do-gooder, I cried when I got a speeding fine for goodness sake, I might have got fined or something. A criminal record. A jail term.

But then I was chatting to a friend on the weekend and I find out he hasn’t does his return for FOUR years. Then I started to ask other people, and it turns out most people I know are at least a year behind. My first clue to this terrible scenario should have come when I made the appointment and the receptionist asked my how many years of returns I needed to make.

So now that I have clued on to this undercurrent batch of society, where normal everyday respectable citizens are so behind in their tax that they cant even remember where they were working four years ago, I think its time for some tax reform.

Sure, it would be nice to not have to pay tax at all, but realistically society has to function somehow. I’d like to think that if I were down on my luck the government would help me out for while, so I don’t think abolishing tax altogether is going to work.

So to get all of those normally law abiding citizens to get their tax returns in, or at least make it a bit more fun and not akin to torture, I bring you, shoot the tax man – the game. Tax returns should be done online via a shoot em up computer game. I can just imagine harassed looking tax workers running through a rabbit warren of offices in fear of deranged citizens. Australians are all competitive, and the people with the highest score should win prizes of tax concessions.

I do see that this is a violent suggestion, and I am not normally in favour of anything like that, so I also suggest a return in a SIMS like environment, where you can send your virtual self off to a virtual tax agent and maybe have a virtual love affair on the way. Anything really to brighten up what has to be one of life’s worst tasks. Wish me luck.


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