Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Things I learnt (or remembered) on my week at the beach with two friends, a 4 year old boy, a 2 ½ year old girl, a 10 week old baby, my husband and three surfboards.

There is nothing like the feeling when you arrive at a beach house and pull apart the musty curtains to a 180 degree view of the beach and sparkling ocean.

Pubs with outdoor play areas in the beer garden on a mild summers’ evening are the best

When you are 2 ½, there is often no need for clothes

When you are 4, washing your hair under the shower is the equivalent of someone pulling out your fingernails

It is possible to read the same book seven times in a row without pausing for breath, and not get sick of it

When all else fails, throw a tantrum (I am practicing this one often)

Camera out = Chocolate frog. There is no point smiling for the camera first off. If you scowl and turn around first, then your Mum will bribe you with a chocolate frog to smile.

When at the beach, everyone always wants the same bucket and spade, even though there are thousands of them lying around.

4 year olds cannot surf, despite their uncle’s mis-guided beliefs

I want a baby as perfect as our holiday baby, that slept for 12 hours every night and nearly all day too, except when he was smiling at you and making perfect baby “goo” noises. If there were a way to guarantee this, I’d have a baby tomorrow.

Living without television for a whole week helps one re-discover the joy of conversation.

My husband looks very cute in a wetsuit

Even if fully clothed when visiting the beach, when you return home there will always be sand in your knickers

Playing golf on a course full of kangaroos (and therefore also full of tourists) can be detrimental to ones’ game. Or at least is gives you something to blame.

When you listen to Playschool’s “I am the garbage man” 12 times in a row on the way home from a beach holiday, it is still not enough

The sound of the crashing waves in the background makes one sleep very soundly.

I want a beach house (I’m dreaming…)


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