Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sometimes you have those moments in your life when you just, well get things. For example, you may have been struggling with a difficult mathematical concept, and then suddenly it is just like the cartoon lightbulb flashes and everything falls into place. I try not to struggle with any mathematical concepts, so that was a purely hypothetical example, but you get my drift.

I am not what you would call the most co-ordinated person when it comes to ball sports. I’m not a total klutz, but to put me on a scale of the order people got picked for school sports teams, I’d be somewhere towards the end, but before the blind kid. I blame this totally on my parents, who didn’t manage to produce a brother who would throw things at me so I would get good at deflecting them.

This lack of talent for ball sports was none more evident than in the primary school Friday afternoon inter-school sports competition of Newcombe. I think that’s a little like volleyball, but you can catch the ball, a modification that you’d think would suit my level of ability. As it happens, I was actually picked early on to participate in this game, firstly because the person picking was new and didn’t know me, and secondly because I was very tall for my age.

So anyway, in Newcombe you have to rotate the team around, so that everyone has a turn serving. Why this happens is beyond me, its like rotating positions on an AFL field so everyone has a turn in the ruck, when really only the ruckman is any good.

Predictably, I couldn’t serve. It was rather complicated to actually punch the ball, and it was a long way over that net, I had not a hope. It got to the point where my team mates would audibly groan when it was my turn to serve.

I embarrassed myself with this serving failure for a number of games (this was some sort of tournament I think) and before I knew it, it was my turn again. The opposition were smiling, knowing a point was coming their way. I walked to the serving spot, took a deep breath, drew back my fist and bam – the most perfect serve anyone could ever do. The opposition were so shocked they didn’t even catch it – it was an ace! My team actually cheered. From then on I was the best server our team had – and for one brief sporting season I was the host of the Newcombe team.

Of course this glory didn’t last. Next term was softball and I was relegated to the outfield, but every now and then, something reminds me, and I think of that one fleeting moment of sporting glory, and smile. It’s nice when that lightbulb goes off.

* * * * * *

As if you’d notice the difference, given how often I actually post anything here, but I am on holidays next week – spending a week down on the west coast with Mr R and some friends and their 2 ½ year old girl and 10 week old boy. Fingers crossed for a sleep in past 7am. We may just be crazy.


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