Friday, February 20, 2004

On Monday night, Mr R and myself had an appointment at the local travel health clinic in preparation for this crazy-but-exciting trip to South America. We don’t actually leave until June, but I knew that you needed time for some vaccinations (like Hep A and B) as you need a series of injections.

After spending an hour with the nurse, who proceeded to explain that we shouldn’t eat or drink anything much when we are away, to make sure that stay away from rabid animals and to basically spend most of the holiday aware that a deadly disease could latch on to us at any moment so don’t have too much fun.

Then we had ten seconds with the doctor, where he jabbed me with SIX needles and an oral vaccine. Hep A&B, polio, yellow fever, measles-mumps-rubella, tetanus, and others that I cant spell or remember.

I tell you, that tetanus hurts like anything and I now have a lumpy itchy arm for the pleasure of that injection. Plus a $500 addition to the credit card.

So I am getting a bit, well, scared. Not of travelling as such, but all the bloody medication we have to take with us. There is going to be no room left in my pack at this rate.

This is what we have so far:

Iodine for purifying water
Two types of anti-biotic (which one to take is fully dependent on the consistency of the diarrhoea I’m going to get, described very colourfully on the packaging)
Gastrolyte (blackcurrant flavour)
Malaria tablets
Industrial strength insect repellent that you cannot leave on your skin for too long or your arm/leg/face will fall off
Insect repellent for our room
Insect repellent for our clothes

You’d think we were travelling to the middle of an undeveloped country. Oh shit (lets hope that’s not literal!), we are.


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